CreateCulture Group

CreateCulture Group

About Us

CreateCulture Group is a non-profit organization focused on the development of Belarusian culture and creative sectors. We provide a platform for dialogue and professional growth for creators, activists, and their communities from Belarus. Founded in 2022 in Vilnius.

Our Projects

  • PERFARATAR: A YouTube showroom that provides opportunities for professional recording of live sessions for Belarusian musicians and poets. More than 20 artists have participated.
  • CreateCulture Lab: A laboratory dedicated to fostering connections among professionals from the IT, cultural, and business sectors. The first edition helped 8 teams develop 7 viable projects.
  • GoodMasters Workshop: Online course on sociocultural project design and management with 170+ alumni who have implemented 90+ projects in Belarus and abroad. Five educational streams were implemented since 2020.
  • KinaKaliady48: The 48-hour film challenge that, over two years, gathered more than 150 Belarusian filmmakers who created 30 Christmas-themed films. Each year filmmakers gather in Vilnius and other cities to attend public screenings.
  • Cultural Management Research: Research on the current state of Belarusian cultural managers and the comparison of the approaches between Belarusian and European cultural actors. Resulted in discussions and recommendations.


We love designing and managing relevant and high-quality meetups, networking events, forums, and other gatherings for 20 to 1000 people. Whether in Vilnius or another city, on our premises or at other venues, we have mastered our skills to ensure success.

  • 450+ events hosted by partners
  • 200+ events created by our team
  • 650+ cultural and educational events
  • 10,000+ event attendees


Our team has experience in facilitating workshops and networking sessions to increase the effectiveness of your project or program. We can also lend our learning design expertise to your educational programs on fundraising, creative project design, cultural project management, event management, and more.


Collaborative projects, initiatives, and programs are an opportunity not only to contribute more to the development of culture but also to learn from and support each other. We are open to collaborations on festivals, art residencies, educational projects, video production, cross-regional meetups, and other ideas.

Contact Us

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