The City Show

The first season illustrates the process of creation and implementation of urban initiatives and educates civil society (public space development, ecological urban projects, community building etc.). The project participants meet the challenges on their way for a building vibrant civil society and compete for a financial support of their initiatives.
The City Show Prize fund $5,000 provided by Social Weekend.
Produced by: CreateCulture and GreenMedia Production.
Directed by: Alexandr Gorodko.
1 season 1 episode "Choice"

The Jury is choosing participants that will take part in The City Show.
More than 100 applications arrived from 27 Belarusian cities.

The City Show, 1 season 1 episode
1 season 2 episode "This is Minsk, Baby"

20 chosen participants arrived to Minsk. They present initiatives to each other, share ideas and experience.

The City Show, 1 season 2 episode
This is Minsk, Baby
1 season 3 episode "Backyard Party"

Participants continue their presentations and interaction. However, some of them have already got a personal point of view on opponents' projects.

The City Show, 1 season 3 episode
Backyard Party
1 season 4 episode "Elevator Pitch"

Education program for participants has been started:
- Activists meet founders of Urban Art festival "VULICA BRASIL": producer Mila Kotka and the first secretary of Brazilian Embassy in Belarus;
- PR Manager of the first crowdfunding platform ULEJ.BY shares tips and trick about fundraising;
- Participants are going through Elevator Pitch with a business coach;
The City Show, 1 season 4 episode
Elevator Pitch
1 season 5 episode "Community Initiatives Advertising"

After you designed a grass root idea you must engage as many people as you can. Media can help you, but how to make publishers get interested in it?
Participants try to be creative during the improvised media pitching.

The City Show, 1 season 5 episode
Community Initiatives Advertising
1 season 6 episode "DIY Mural and Cleanup Day"

This is the final part of an educational program for activists.
They are taking part in The World Cleanup Day "Let's do it!" and creating a design for a fence.
The most famous social entrepreneur of Belarus and the founder of the largest competition of social projects "Social Weekend" explains how to get support from business companies.

The City Show, 1 season 6 episode
DIY Mural and Cleanup Day
1 season 7 episode "The Jury Choice"

Belarusian activists have to prove to the Jury their motivation and complete all "homework" tasks:
  • upgrade their projects
  • make research
  • find additional financial support
Who has to stay in the City Show and to become a Finalist?

The City Show, 1 season 7 episode
The Jury Choice
1 season 8 episode "The Finals. Part One"

Personal pitching is always stressful, especially if you are competing for the financial support of an initiative that has to make your hometown better.
What kind of mistakes were made by all the participants?
- Parkour Park in Gomel
- Sport & Fitness Cleanup in Brest
- The Festival of Public Health with Park Beautification Activities in Soligorsk
- Basketball Playground for Kids in Grodno
- Alternative Kids Playground in Braslaw
The City Show, 1 season 8 episode
The Finals. Part One
1 season 9 episode "The Finals. Part Two"

The Jury announces the winners of the project and amounts of the financial support!
What initiatives will be implemented?
Who has to come back home without a prize?
- Mural and Open Air Arts Festival in Kamianiets
- Parklets in Vitebsk
- Outdoor Sport Facility for Local Community
- Community Art Centre
- Community Mural
The City Show, 1 season 9 episode
The Finals. Part Two
1 season 10 episode "The Festival of Public Health with Park Beautification Activities in Soligorsk"

Elena organizes Festival in her small town Soligorsk. Festival is aimed to mobilize the local community around park "Health Path" for cleanup, sports activities, local arts and to promote public health initiatives.

Small business companies, communal services, and local community helped her to do it.

The City Show, 1 season 10 episode
The Festival of Public Health with Park Beautification Activities in Soligorsk
1 season 11 episode "Participants and Placemaking"

The first alternative kids' playground "Pirate Ship" was built by the winner and the local community on the shores of the lake in Braslaw town. Locals were extremely happy and provided their help with materials and performance for kids.

Activist Denis have invited a professional artist for the first mural creation in Kamianiets town. Together with school teachers and the Youth Union, he has established annual kids festival"The Little Prince".
The City Show, 2 season 7 episode
Placemaking and Communities in Action