January 22
February 5
/Creative Product Development Sprint
a 15-day Sprint, where teams dive into mentorship, expert sessions, and checkpoints to craft their product prototypes.
/Tune in to our live stream on YouTube!
/15 days
/10+ teams
/Special prizes
/15-day Sprint, where teams dive into mentorship, drop-in sessions, and checkpoints to craft their product prototypes.
/Belarusian & international artists, designers, cultural representatives, the creative class, and beyond.
/Three outstanding projects will earn entry into Axios Accelerator. And in addition, there will be special prizes from our partners.
/Axios Accelerator is a dynamic program fostering startup growth in Belarus. It offers a 12-week accelerator program focusing on key modules: Audience Engagement, Traffic and Marketing, and Fundraising Readiness. The program includes offline and online events, specialized training for beginners, and events like Alumni Days and Invest Days to facilitate learning, networking, and investor connections.
/AXIOS Accelerator
/The Axios Accelerator will be represented by Halina Drozd, co-founder, and leader. Currently serving as the Financial Director at CreateCulture Group, Halina has been a driving force in the business arena since 2013. She founded and directed an accounting and legal company, initiated her fintech startup, mentored in accelerators, and excelled in financial management.
/American Councils
/An opportunity to take the Duolingo* exam for free
*Duolingo is a standardized English language exam
/Support and implementation of the project, assistance in sourcing funding
/Godel Technologies
/50 EUR certificate for each member of the winning team for buying IT stuff
/Special Prizes
Experienced Startup Professional, Strategic Thinker, Venture Capital Connector, EU&CEE Grantmaker for startup. Founder of Fundraising as a Service.
Strategist & Entrepreneur. Has a Master’s degree in Strategic Management and Corporate Governance. Founder of a wine-tech company Airate and a venture studio.
CEO/Founder at Flatlogic.
MSc in Economics, Computer Science professional.
Consultant, Banker, and (Social)Entrepreneur with a strong history in Eastern Europe. First YPOer from Belarus.
February 7, 2024
Start: 6:30 p.m.
SOLO SOCIETY (St. Stepono str. 33)

The culminating moment of CreateCulture Lab is our Pitching Session. Get ready to see the Sprint participants showcase their prototypes and projects. A minimum of three outstanding projects will earn entry into our partner's accelerator, securing vital seed investments. This occasion will draw a diverse audience, media coverage, industry experts & investors. Join us for a transformative experience at this essential event.
/Tune in to our live stream on YouTube!
The evening promises more than just presentations; it includes a captivating keynote address by Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Chief Wialon Officer, and Head of Wialon Division.

Theme: Navigating Tech Trends, Innovative Business Models, and the Power of Bootstrapping: Gurtam's Journey

Gurtam is an international developer and provider of software solutions for GPS tracking and IoT. Aliaksandr Kuushynau, the head of Wialon at Gurtam, will share the inspiring story of navigating through Tech Trends, embracing Innovative Business Models, and harnessing the Power of Bootstrapping. In his presentation, Aliaksandr will unveil Gurtam's strategies for adapting to evolving technology landscapes, crafting innovative business models, and fostering creativity inside the company.

The evening is not just about insights and revelations; it also features a networking session, providing valuable opportunities to engage with creative industry experts and the community.

Business Angel. Mentor. Advisor
Regional Director at American Councils for International Education
Sr. Agile Delivery Coordinator, Godel Technologies
Economist. Vice President of ABBA
Head of Publishing, Belka Games
Business Angel. Startup Mentor. Pitch Coach
/Our partners