KinaKalyady48 is a challenge for participants of any level who want to apply their skills or try their hand at writing a script, shooting, sound production, and editing a ready-made Christmas short film within 48 hours. The competition is open to participants from any country.
All films will be compiled into an anthology and screened in Vilnius and other cities, and then uploaded to our YouTube channel. Participation is possible both in Vilnius and ONLINE. The number of teams is unlimited. Starting this year, we will be creating films with the theme of Belarusian Christmas traditions.

28 November

ONLINE KinoMixer
30 November

OFFLINE KinoMixer, Vilnius, CreateCulture Space (Karmelitu, 5)

15 December 18:00

Kickoff event, where team get their genres, online and offline.
15-17 December

Filmmaking weekend. We wish you all luck and keeping everything in time!
22 December 18:00

PREMIERE in Pasaka Paupys
Tickets are HERE
23 December 19:00

This is a networking event where you can chat with participants from the previous year and also meet and find a team for participation.
How does it work?
You need to register by December 15th before 12:00 PM, Vilnius time
Come to the premiere on December 22nd at the cinemas or another screening in cities of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, etc.
Pull the genres and receive the mandatory elements (hero/heroine, prop, and dialogue phrase) ONLINE or OFFLINE on December 15th at 6:00 PM in Vilnius
If you don't have a team, register online on November 29th or offline at KinaMixer on November 30th.
Shoot the film within 48 hours and send it to the organizers by 7:00 PM (Vilnius time)
There will also be 10 additional nominations:
  • Best Directing
  • Best Director of Photography
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Genre Interpretation
  • Best Editing
  • Best Original Music (composed during filming)
  • Best Artistic Solution
  • Best Use of Belarusian Christmas Element
  • Additionally, during the viewing, the Best Movie Poster (for those who manage to submit it in time) will be determined on Instagram.

The jury will be quickly announced, and this year it will include Belarusian and international experts.

Prizes and Jury
The prize fund will be announced after registration ends.
  • 1st place for the best film will receive 60%.
  • 2nd place for the best film will receive 25%.
  • 3rd place for the best film will receive 15%.
There will also be an Audience Choice Award (to be determined during the viewing).
Jury of the main competition
  • Andrey Palupanau
    Director, producer, cinematographer, and screenwriter, founder of Arkham Film Production, a film school-studio in Minsk. Creating video content and films since 1999, I teach filmmaking through informal education.
  • Eric Vander Borght
    Eric is an all-round filmmaker, and an expert in dramaturgy and artistic advice, whose collaborations with directors have earned accolades like an Oscar nomination and the honor of opening the IDFA festival, among other awards. His career spans decades, covering documentary filmmaking, music, web videos, commercials, and corporate films. He's skilled in directing, filming, editing, and photography, and has global experience, with shoots completed in over 50 countries.
    More information is here:
  • Stas Turko
    A film director with experience in shooting video across various formats: commercials, music videos, entertaining and educational content on YouTube, and cinema. His films have been showcased at various festivals, including A-class festivals.
  • Anastasiya Sergienya
    Anastasiya Sergienya -- photographer and director from Belarus who now resides in the USA. She is an author of 2 short films that were selected, screen and awarded on a number of international festivals. Nowadays, Anastasiya is working on her feature film. More information you can find here:
  • Fred Stern
    Fred Stern lived and worked in Minsk from 2014-2017. Originally
    from Los Angeles, he was able to forge beginning ties between
    Hollywood and Minsk.
Special Nominations Jury
  • Siarzhuk Douhushau
    Introducing the nomination for
    the Best Use of Belarusian Christmas Traditions Element
    A Belarusian singer, multi-instrumentalist, ethnographer, educator, art manager, founder of the cultural movement "Speŭny Skhod," and the initiator and leader of the Institution for the Development of Traditional Belarusian Culture "EthnoTradition" (Tradycyja), as well as the art residency "Dom Tvortsaw" (House of Creators).
  • Aliaksey Siadura
    Introducing the nomination for the Best EHU student film
    Coordinator for mediacentre of EHU, practical workshops teacher at Media Faculty of EHU. Aliaksey took part in a number of media projects with University Without Borders, KAS, LRT, Маланка.live, ePramova and others
This year, it is important to incorporate elements from traditional Belarusian Christmas celebrations. This could include songs or music, masks, the use of ritual elements in contemporary life, or even Christmas characters.

Christmas, known as "Каляды" in Belarus, is a traditional winter celebration. In the annual cycle of folk agricultural rituals and festivities, it held the first place. With the establishment of Christianity, Christmas became associated with religious holidays such as the Birth of Christ and Epiphany. In Belarus, the Christian observance of Christmas is closely intertwined with folk festive customs.

We invite you to watch a video from the Tradycyja project, dedicated to Belarusian Christmas traditions.

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