1 — Time
The challenge takes place from Friday, December 15th, at 18:00 to Sunday, December 17th, at 19:00.
Participating teams must submit their online completed material and necessary documents no later than 19:00 (Vilnius time) on December 17th.
Entries received after the deadline will not be eligible for the competition, but all films submitted to the organizers during the weekend will be shown.
2 — Creative process
The entire creative process must take place during the competition. Prior preparation is prohibited. The creative process includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:
  1. Writing the script
  2. Research
  3. Creating costumes/set design
  4. Filming
  5. Editing
  6. Sound design
  7. Project rendering
The use of AI is allowed only up to 10% of the total material.
3 — Preparation
Only the following work is allowed before the official competition time:
  1. Searching and organizing the filming team
  2. Searching and organizing casting
  3. Preparation of filming equipment
  4. Searching and preparing locations
  5. Studying Belarusian Christmas traditions
4 — Videomaterial
All video material must be shot during the challenge, including animation and special effects. The use of stock footage is allowed only for specific elements like gunfire, fire, explosions, special effects, etc. It is prohibited to use videos of other people, pre-prepared scenes, or pre-existing effects.
The use of photographs is allowed if the team has the rights to them and they are not used to create the illusion of movement.
5 — KickOff Event
The drawing of genres and announcement of mandatory elements will take place on December 15th at 18:00 in Vilnius. Teams that do not have a participant present offline will have the organizers draw independently. Each team must sign and submit the Team Leader Agreement before the start of the event, signed by the team leader. Without this agreement, the team will not be able to participate.
6 — Mandatory Elements
Each participating team will receive common mandatory elements that must appear in the film: genre, character, prop, and a dialogue phrase. The mandatory character must appear on the screen and it should be clear who he/she is. The character's name must be audible or written on the screen. The mandatory prop must be visible on the screen, and it cannot be replaced with a drawing or a photo. The dialogue phrase must be spoken, sung, or written. It can be in any language, but if it is not understandable to the audience, a translation must be provided.

For qualification in the competition, each team must create a film in their genre, incorporating the mandatory elements and not exceeding a runtime of 7 minutes.
7 — Traditions
KinaKaliady48 in 2023 is centered around the theme of Belarusian Christmas. We also have an additional category for the Best Use of Belarusian Christmas Element. We invite you to watch videos, read materials, and even try to experience the Christmas traditions firsthand.
8 — Volunteers and cost of production
The team, including actors, post-production, and other film participants, creates it on a voluntary basis.

The costs of creating the film within the challenge are entirely covered by the team.
9 — Security and safety
The safety of the team and other participants in the filming process, including any animals and living beings, is a priority for the organizers. Films that lead to the death or harm of animals will be disqualified.
10 — Cameras
There are no restrictions on the use of cameras. You can even shoot with phones or film.
11 — Music
Teams may, if possible, invite composers or musicians to create a soundtrack during the challenge. For composers, we have a special category: Best Original Music (composed during filming). The use of pre-recorded music is allowed, but the team must have the rights to use it. Music can be obtained from stock services or through a signed agreement with the rights holder.
12 Runtime of the film
The final film should be no less than 4 minutes and no longer than 7 minutes without credits. Additional Kinakalyady48 logos and final credits are not included in the story's runtime. Organizers of Kinakalyady48 may edit the film for time optimization.
13 - Mandatory credits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Opening Credits:
  • 5 seconds black screen
  • Text "This film was shot within the framework of the Kinakalyady48 project" - 5 seconds
  • Your team's card: Team Name, Film Title, Genre, Date
  • 2 seconds black screen
Closing Credits:
  • Do not make final credits longer than 60 seconds.
  • Organizers have the right to shorten the final credits for time optimization.
Use of credits after the challenge:
  • When shown online, offline, or in other uses, you must add text or a card in the credits: "This film was shot within the framework of the Kinakalyady48 project by CreateCulture Group.
14 Required mediaformat
Minimum requirements for the film media file: H264, FullHD.
If possible, make it in 4K.
The maximum file size for offline teams is 5 GB, and for online teams, it is 2 GB.

Audio: Mono or stereo.
If your film does not meet the requirements or cannot be viewed on Kinakalyady48 equipment, it may be disqualifie
15 — Important to remember before the upload
We recommend maintaining a consistent audio level throughout the entire film.

Keep in mind that projectors have their own settings. If your film is dark, it may be difficult to see in some theaters.
16 — Production documents
Each offline team needs to sign the Leader's Agreement before the start of the challenge.

Each team needs to sign documents with actors, musicians, and the filming crew (other creators involved in the process).

These documents should be submitted to the organizers along with the film. The list and templates of the documents will be sent to each team. Electronic signatures are acceptable.
For teams from Belarus, there are special conditions due to safety concerns.

17 — Discriminative and violent content
Films that violate human rights, contain violence, or any inappropriate, offensive content, as perceived by the organizers of Kinakalyady48, may be disqualified. Organizers reserve the right to remove offensive content or refuse to screen a film within the project.
18 — Distribution before the main screening
The film cannot be uploaded to the internet, distributed, or publicly shown before the official Kinakalyady48 event. You can create a trailer for the film for promotional purposes.
19 — Distribution rights and rights for YouTube usage
IMPORTANT! By signing the agreement, you transfer the rights for the screenings of your film within the KinaKaliady48 project. After all the screenings, films, except those not submitted to further festivals and those with potential public safety concerns (for example, filmed in Belarus), will be uploaded to YouTube. Please pay attention to this point. Each participant will sign a separate agreement for the use of their film on our YouTube channel.
20 — Disqualification
The organizers of the KinaKaliady48 project have the right to independently decide on the disqualification of films that are inappropriate or do not meet the requirements.
21 — Jury criteria
The jury of the KinaKaliady48 project will consist of cinema professionals.
Criteria for selecting winning teams:
  1. Artistic execution and performance (idea, script, costumes, etc.) — 45%
  2. Technical execution (quality of filming, sound) — 30%
  3. Creative approach to the mandatory elements or genre — 20%
22 — Subtitles
This year, the participation of foreign representatives in the film industry is planned, so subtitles (embedded) must be added, NOT AS A SEPARATE FILE!
23 — Fee compenstation
The organizers will not refund the registration fee without valid reasons.
Each case will be considered individually. Compensation will not be provided after the start of the challenge.
24 — Famous brands and product placement
It is not allowed for brand logos to appear in the frames of the film.
If this happens, it is advisable to blur them.
This project was created by Nadzeya Ilkevich and the wonderful team at CreateCulture Group in 2022. The project is a challenge/marathon with the goal of completely conceptualizing, shooting, and releasing a short festive film within 48 hours.

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