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The platform for dialogue and professional development for creators, activists and their communities from Belarus.
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About us
Our mission is to support the professional growth of people and communities of the Belarusian culture & creative sector.
We want to be the CHANGE, the RELIANCE and the INSPIRATION for those who are brave enough to dream and make things happen.
Our values are everything we do based on mutual RESPECT, TRUST & TRANSPARENCY, so we expect the same from our partners and colleagues. We take RESPONSIBILITY for everything we do, and we are not afraid of making decisions, taking action, and learning from our mistakes.

Our tools are community development, cultural diplomacy, education, and cross-sectoral collaborations.

Our services
We love to design and manage meaningful and high quality MeetUps, Networkings, Forums and other events.
Our team can facilitate workshops, masterminds, networking sessions that will increase your program effectiveness.
Book a consultancy session with us on project management, needs assessment, creative solutions.
Our Projects
We like to create and implement our own impactful projects in the fields of education, music, cultural exchanges, community building and entrepreneurship.
All our projects align with our mission and values.
Online art-residency for Belarusian cultural managers on offline projects of solidarity with Ukraine in Vilnius, Warsaw, Tbilisi.
Cultural Bridge
Online course on socio-cultural project management for young Belarusians. With the support of psychologists and mentors
Workshop of Useful Projects
Slavalachia is a cross-cultural exchange and an alliance of folk musicians and creators from Belarus, Ukraine, and the Appalachian region of the United States.
An international festival of klezmer music, which is part of the traditional musical culture of Jews in Belarus.
Litvak Klezmer Fest
Our Team
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Co-founder, Creative Director
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